Hydropower-to-environment water transfers in the Zambezi basin


In order to achieve the set goals, the project was divided into four work packages (research activities) each corresponding to a specific objective, shown in the schematic below.

The research of Power2Flow was carried out through PhD, MSc and Post Doctoral studies, and the following outputs have been realised so far.

Peer reviewed articles

  • Khan, O., Mwelwa-Mutekenya, E., Crosato, A., Zhou, Y., 2014. Effects of dam operation on downstream river morphology, the case of the Middle Zambezi River. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Water Management, 167(10), pp. 596–611, doi: 10.1680/wama.13.00122.
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PhD theses proposal

  • Mwelwa, E., 2010. Flow, morphology and vegetation in the Middle Zambezi: a study of spatial and temporal scales. UNESCO-IHE.  
  • Nyatsanza, F.F., 2013. Policy instruments for environmental flows implementation in a reservoir dominated river basin: Case of the Zambezi

MSc theses

  • Ncube, S., 2011. The interactions of the flow regime and the terrestrial ecology of the Mana floodplains in the Middle Zambezi river basin. UNESCO-IHE
  • Ekandjo, 2011. Hydrological analysis of the Middle Zambezi and impacts of the operation of hydropower dams on flow regime in Mana Pools National Park. University of Zimbabwe
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  • In JOTC meeting (Joint Operational Technical Committee) of the Zambezi by Loreen Katiyo (Post-Doc 2) on her research and the P2F project, Feb 2012.
  • At Fresh Water Governance for Sustainable Development Symposium, South Africa, 2012: F.F. Nyatsanza, S. Graas and P. van der Zaag (2012), Reservoir operating policies for environmental flows of large dams in the Zambezi river basin.
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